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Peace and Understanding

Sept 11, 2001 - Terrorism attack on NY and US
This is not acceptable to anyone, not tolerated in any way.
USA, don't react in haste, indescriminently, unilaterally. We can all work together.

We can live together and help each other.
Let's do it ?
Understand, be tolerant of your neighbour.
The world for all can be a better place.

Middle east, south asia, Africa, Serbia
Co-operation will be 1000 times better than destruction.

Guns, weapons = Profits at the price of violence and death
Stop selling weapons to the third world, it's too easy to kill
The money spent can save lives.

Human Rights for all ! Rights for Women, Afghanistan ???

Please send your suggestions

Our survival...Food Wars

NATO and Partners
UN Peacekeeping
Peace Action

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