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Food and Sports

1. Try to eat healthily and fresh, use a balanced diet from multiple food groups.
Do not eat excessive amounts and minimize the waste. (Maximize recycling etc)
- Minimize junk food, chemical additives and suppliments

2. Everyone can eat well, mix food group
Prepare food quickly, cheaply, anyone can easily - try this cookbook
Everyone's Everything EEEasy Cookbook

3. Pending world food shortages, keep aware of how we can help
Don't support fuel usage of food growing land
Please give your support to organisations trying to help
Future Food Report
Lovearth Overpopulation

4. Buy local, help our farmers
Minimize chenicals and pesticides, try organic
Minimize carbon footprints in preparation/distribution and minimize packaging

Sport Focus:

1. GET OUT and MOVE, play sports walk participate, join in
- good for your health, eating, sleeping and feeling good

2. Physical abuse in sport should not be tolerate, even in contact sports
Save ourselves, our atheletes, our kids
- Illeagal hits, violence with intent to injury, blind-siding away from the play needs to be severely punished

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