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Mad Cow. Where does it come from ?
Animal waste fed to cows ? Animal by-product are fed to many animals and are in our food. With a long incubation period, the disease could come from many sources, anything that may be eaten, the air. A vegetarian in England, has the disease.
The disease is still rare, let's take care in how we produce our food ?
(support farmers and producers, not budget cut everywhere)
...Now Pigs with Foot and Mouth disease in the UK...
Canola Oil is put in everything, poisonous???

Wow ! I heard an Ad on the radio promoting not using anti-biotics if possible
We have few left and diseases are becoming resistant. GOOD WORK !

Aids ? etc
Give your support and understanding. Express your opinion.
The world needs your help !

Please send your suggestions

World Health Org
Centres for Disease Control

Mad Cow
Mad Cow Here ?
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