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One Earth - Our World
The NEWS, Sensationalism, scaremongering, everything is a crisis!
NO, but we have serious issues that need to be addressed.
One example of clear views is Vision

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Take Steps to a better Earth
Climate Change - Take Action
Canada: Ashame! The least supportive country at Copenhagen
and what actions have resulted !!!!!

Note: Check out Dyer's Forecast

Do you know why one half of the trees in the Alps are dying ?
What are the soil and nature implications ?

S M O G ! in the American countryside, warnings,
Is this normal ? Does no one care ?
Make your voice heard and your vote count.

1. Enviromental targets must be stronger than currently suggested.
2. Publicize the job creation aspects of meeting climate targets.
3. International cooperation on some technology mediation solutions is required without forgetting to reduce to targets.

Time... We are commited to +1.5C temperature
Food shortages, mass migrations from Africa, China, Central America
If we don't act by 2012 - then mass starvation, Social disaster

Be AWARE ! - the Environment - Health, Cooperation
Patents, on living things !
Patents on generic knowledge !
Only on new/unique applications, (yes, safeguard inventors rights)
we need this system updated !!!

Do you know that we can help ?
These issues can be improved, even greatly.
It will cost only a little, but every effort will payback much much more.
1% GDP and after 30 years it can get better... Do it Now!
There are even some stop gap ideas...
and there will be jobs created to help...

Fraud, Greed - Why the Economic Crash ?
Inside Job

Let's get Obama to support, to follow and lead...
Where George W closed his eyes (10 years LOST!!!)
and you ! add your voice, speak up...

Act Now !
Voice your Concern
Support Action
Rain Forest SOS

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